Wednesday, June 28, 2017

We have been here before

The organizers of the Chicago Dyke March asked two women carrying Jewish rainbow pride flags (having a Star of David over the rainbow) to leave the Saturday afternoon march and rally.

I particularly like the justification of the organizers of the march that: "anti-Zionist Jewish volunteers and supporters are welcome."

Ah, only good Jews are welcome. After all, it has been vouch safe that feminists should not be Zionists.

If you are interested, there are some links below (I like article by Bari Weiss best).

When Jews groups often march under signs saying "We have been here before", at Trump Resistance rallies for instance, I like also to remember part of that 'before' was how much support we received from 'progressive allies'. 

Why, it almost makes one want to be a Zionist.

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