Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Political Choices

Log Cabin Republicans

 A Message on the GOP Platform from Log Cabin Republicans President Gregory T. Angelo

While some people I know have been viewing this with schadenfreud I find this is an interesting example of political strategic choice.

I know a good number of gay people, black people, and others who fundamentally agree with the Republican economic theory -- which I characterize as economic royalism: what's good for the rich is good for all of us -- who have not voted for the Republicans since Goldwater or Nixon, and have come to hate the party.

This son (pardon me child, let's be PC) of the Southern Strategy, which Patrick Buchanan defined is splitting the country in half to taking the bigger half to rule (which gives you some idea of Republican command of math and science).

They feel the need to confirm this segment of the population, and, in the tradition of Southern politics, to limit other voters.

This also means, while elections might matter over some rights issues, some regulatory issues, and some law issues, we have no real choices in issues of economic destiny.

And it works.