Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Gun Safety Movement Plan Proposal

Here are some ideas I propose, not flippantly, but without hope.

  1. Develop a plan described as gun safety, including training, relevant checking, as much tracking as we do for auto parts, and some requirement for an explanation of use.  Publicize the plan, showing how it will have some effect on safety, and also how it will not effect "law abiding citizens".

  2. Concretely promise to ensure safe exercise of gun rights for reasonable usages, such as hunting,  recreation and target practice (you could even work an intelligent way to allow people to use automatic weapons to blow things up -- I'm a guy, I can relate to that).

    Again, make the protections clear.

  3. Have laws regarding public use of weapons compatible with those of, say the early, republic -- e.g. casual carry was not allowed in most circumstance, nor were guns allowed in certain parts of cities, and registration was often practiced in urban areas.  Do this is called following original intent.
  4. Work the issue of gun safety (and yes I chose the term carefully) politically and hard.

    Michael Blumberg's PAC actually brought down some pro NRA DINO last cycle.

    This will mean relentless repeating the hard gun rights position, over and over again, and demanding to know if politicians explicitly support each and every position. 

    Force them to choose, if they differ from the NRA, even a little, trumpet it and publicize it.

    If not, using the most unpopular of the positions (and after picking the targets) go after them, at first low key (politicians will know) and expect to loose at first.  But keep it up.
This will require political organization and discipline, which is why I offer it without hope.

But for those of you who love a petition, I have only for you through' site. 

The petition, given my love of irony, is primarily to, but you can see it here