Saturday, July 8, 2017

Who would vote against one's own interest.

There is a small industry on the soft left -- from Bill Maher to former classmates to NPR -- whose mantra seems to be
 "How can Trump’s supporters stick with him when his proposals hurt them the most?".
They might want to read this Washington Post article) The media fundamentally misunderstands conservatives on health care).

The article and analysis is hardly brilliant, but then to state the obvious doesn't require that.

The ending is worth quoting:
...Trump’s supporters...are more dedicated to the principle of freedom from government mandates than...worried about the loss of government subsidies...

Until Democrats can figure that out, their efforts to pry Trump’s supporters away from him — on health care or any other subject — an endless source of frustration.
Acting politically against one's self-interest (as perceived by others) is not necessary illogical or stupid.

If you want proof on that, consider that the author of this post is a member of a group that has reliably voted against its own self interest for the last 80 years.