Monday, August 15, 2011

Call Jewish Fundamentalism What It Is

My father has a cute phrase: All fanatics are cousins.

I think that over all this, article by Mr Matthew Nussman is reasonably correct, ZEEK: Articles: Call Jewish Fundamentalism What It Is.

The additional point I would add is all fundamentalist need to be understood in terms of reactionary mind set and treason.

A reactionary wants a sudden return to an supposed past state. The essence of this past is one where the group they represent had power.

The treason goes beyond the attempted assassination of the the truth about the past.

The treason rests in the assault on the full community (in this case : klal yisrael כלל ישראל‎, "All of Israel", in other cases, it would be the republic).

They are quite willing to make war on the rest of the community, drive away, or deny disagreement. Making war on the community is the core of treason.

This is sufficient to be treason without even examining the giving aid and comfort.

It appears to me that this sort of assault is justified by 'separate nationalism,' where the remainder of the community is defined so as not be be of the same community. But this is psychologizing and not entirely useful at the moment.

Instead, what perhaps one might consider what to do now that the de facto declaration of war has been made?

Such conflict will continue as long as it is profitable and as long as the perpetrators feel they are winning the civil conflict. There are a limited number of ways of dealing with an insurrection and subversion. Personally, I would like to 'make Georgia howl.'