Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mourning Clothes

An interesting note in the Huffington Post caught my eye (Jana Riess: Let's Bring Back Mourning Clothes)

As a historical note, I believe the end of the tradition of wearing mourning date from World War I, where it was deemed bad for morale.

I have always approved of the idea of  having visible signs of mourning, as it also also involves rituals for stopping mourning, and for remembrance. 

The sociology/psychology of this make sense to me. 

(On a sectarian note, it is also one of the reasons I have always disliked the practice in synagogs of having non-mourners rise with mourners for the Mourners Kaddish.  If everyone rises, how do we know who is really need of comfort.)

A piece of serendipity, a word my grandmother loved, I this has been a week of lighting yahrzeit candles for two people.